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Prima Soft Wash has been washing and sanitizing properties in Vancouver for years, now with COVID-19 spreading everywhere, not only does our washing make your property shine but our bulk sanitation service helps the community and saves lives!

This is why the government of Canada classifies what Prima Soft Wash does – cleaning and sanitization as an essential service!

No doubt you’re disinfecting everything in your home daily and washing your hands more thoroughly right now. The coronavirus pandemic has reminded all of us how quickly dangerous viruses can form and spread, and that washing and sanitizing can save our lives.

Washing your hands and sanitizing inside your home is merely one step you can take to reduce your odds of contracting COVID-19 or any other germ and virus that is already a part of our system. You also need to ensure you wash and sanitize all surfaces you may come into contact with outside your home or business.

It’s important that we wash and sanitize these areas now more than ever. The sooner we wash and sanitize our properties, society will be safe enough to get back to normal, avoiding unnecessary deaths of our loved ones and total economic collapse beyond repair.

The only cleaning companies fully capable of sanitization services is Soft Wash companies. A real Soft Wash company is evident by its equipment, knowledge in the field, organization it belongs to and its training. All of which were created, exist and taught by the leaders in this industry, from USA. Anyone presenting themselves as soft wash companies without the proper equipment, knowledge and training, is not being honest with you - the customer.

Why Property Sanitization Is Extremely Essential During A Virus Outbreak

Anyone following the latest developments knows we’re still learning all the ways the coronavirus spreads. The CDC’s current research indicates people may contract the virus by touching a surface with the virus on it. That’s particularly important to keep in mind when you consider the fact that some people have the virus without knowing it. Some don’t develop symptoms until they’ve already been ill for several days, and some remain asymptomatic throughout the entirety of their illness.

Thus, it’s entirely possible someone with the coronavirus has been on or near your property and spread the virus within your vicinity. You need to be safe by making sure your exterior surfaces are thoroughly clean.

Property management companies need to also consider the impression their property’s condition could make on their clients. During the coronavirus pandemic, people are very wary of properties that look unclean. In other words, if you’re a property or community manager, hiring experts to wash and sanitize your client’s exterior surfaces shows them that their safety is your number one concern.

Why Do You Need to Hire Prima Soft Wash the Soft Wash Professionals to Clean Your Property?

At Prima Soft Wash, we wash your buildings and clean your surfaces with the CDC’s recommended sanitation product, sodium hypochlorite, a surfactant and water. We’re able to create enough cleaning product to meet your needs by using a Pro Portioner mixing system to blend it together from multiple tanks. Hiring us is key to ensuring your property is as sanitized as possible. You need to be safe by making sure your exterior surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Another thing to keep in mind: Pressure washing is not a sanitization service. Why?

  1. Pressure washing cannot kill moss, algae, mold, mildew, lichen, gleocapsa magma, and any germs and viruses.
  2. Pressure washing was not created or designed for sanitization applications. Only sanitization products approved by the EPA, CDC and WHO that are applied by Soft wash equipment, will efficiently and safely wash and sanitize your structures, from your residential and commercial surfaces.
  3. Pressure washing is not suitable and dangerous for most surfaces, even though it’s still the primary choice of most service providers in Vancouver and Toronto today.

These are of course stressful times for everyone. As members of the Vancouver and Toronto community, we at Prima Soft Wash want to help homeowners and property managers stay safe by ensuring their properties stay clean.

Resdiscover The Beauty Of Your Property With Prima Soft Wash

Resdiscover The Beauty Of Your Property With Prima Soft Wash

Prima Soft Wash offers a full range of exterior cleaning services to make sure every aspect of your entire property sparkles and shines. Give your home, strata community, or commercial storefront the tender loving care it deserves!

Exceptional Service Made Simple

Exceptional Service Made Simple

Whether you live in a single-family home, strata/gated community or you own a cottage maintained by property management, there is a common thread: property ownership is hard work. But our job is to make your life easier!

Our highly trained and experienced technicians offer a wide variety of services from soft washing to window cleaning. We pride ourselves on making you happy. We guarantee you'll love how flawlessly clean we make everything around your property look.

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