Frequently Asked Questions

How will prima soft wash clean my Asphalt roof?
  1. We apply the only roofing approved solution to treat and kill moss, algae, and gloeocapsa magma. You will see your moss die within minutes, from green to white. And the algae and gloeocapsa magma disappear as well.
  2. We do not rinse your roof, we leave the solution on your roof to penetrate deeper into the moss, making your moss fully detach its roots from the roof. Your dead moss roots will shrivel up and wash away from the rain over time. The weather forecast will tell you when this will happen, we are not weather forecasters. By leaving the solution on your roof it is the best moss prevention, taking the moss a lot longer to come back. And it will come back, no permanent solution to this problem exists for this.
  3. This is the only method approved by the Canadian Asphalt Shingle Manufacturer Association for treating and cleaning the infestation growing on your roof, therefore this is the only way we will do your roof. We will not pressure wash your asphalt or cedar roof, even if you request we do.
How long before I see the moss wash off my roof after you treat it?
  1. You will start to see results right before your eyes as we are spraying your roof! The moss will die before we leave your site going from green to white, signaling its death. The green algae and black stains (gloeocapsa magma) will also disappear the same day or shortly after.
  2. You will see the final results as the dead moss roots wash away with the rain, over time. This time frame varies between areas and season. Some areas get more rain than others and some seasons get more rain than others. An exact date is not possible to give. The good thing is we live in the rainiest city is Canada.
How much does it cost to clean my roof?

Each roof is different. Factors like the Square feet of the roof, the pitch of the roof means how high and steep is the roof, roofing type means Asphalt, cedar, Tile/Brick, Slate or Metal and the level of infestation growing on your roof, tells us which products we have to use and what method and process we have to use. Algae, fungus and moss growth will cause premature roof granule loss, and shorten the overall lifespan of your roof. So you save money by killing the infestation on the roof because your roof will last longer. Also, when algae and Gloeocapsa Magma turn your roof black, it becomes less reflective, and it retains heat. If you use an air conditioner system in your home it has to work harder to overcome the increased heat load, costing you more money! Don’t replace your roof, maintain it!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do! We love to help our clients save money. We made several and easy ways to qualify for discounts.

  1. We offer discounts in the form of referrals. This is the best and easiest way to get a discount, all it takes is a simple phone call to a family member, friend or neighbor!
    Our requirements for this discount is the Referral has to be equal to the size of job you’re requesting us to do on your property, which both of you will receive a discount. This discount applies to both clients when both clients make a 25% deposit by Credit Card to get on our schedule and both jobs will be done on the same day, depending on size and location.
  2. Getting on our yearly membership whole package wash with your credit card on file will give you a 20% discount rate charged every year, without any raises. This discount requires a top-to-bottom Wash such as, roof treatment/clean, complete house wash with gutter cleaning and driveway.
  3. Realtors get a discount for roof treatments or house washes.
  4. We offer discounts for sanitation services for government/city facilities, health care facilities and schools. Call for details.
  5. We also offer specials randomly throughout the year.
Most common questions we get are:

Q: When will the rain rinse the dead moss off my asphalt roof and give me the final result?

A: That depends on when the forecast says rain is coming, time of year and what area you live in. Some areas get more rain than others, and some seasons get more rain than others.

Q: When the rain rinses the roof clean will it clog up my gutters?

A: No, that is impossible. The moss roots when they die shrivel up to the size of sand grains, too small to fill or clog up your gutters. If your gutters overflow when it rains, it is because your gutters were full and clogged to begin with before we treated your roof.

Q: Why are some tile/brick roof treatments a different price than asphalt roof treatments?

A: Tile/brick roofs that are not maintained every 2 - 4 years will have heavy infestation growing on it such as moss and lichen.

(Lichen is little round white spots that look like bird droppings) Because tile/brick is a hard surface material, these organisms when start to grow inside the tile are complicated to remove. This becomes a 4-5 step process compared to asphalt 1 step process. The process is to manually remove the moss first. Second, clean your gutters. Third, spray the roof with roof treatment. Fourth, rinse the roof off because the lichen will require some pressure to remove, which the natural rain won’t do. Fifth and last step will be to spray a coat of a moss preventative solution, which is optional. Otherwise a tile roof that is discolored by gloeocapsa magma and algae, without moss and lichen will be a 1 step process.

Q: Why is my cedar roof treatment/cleaning a different price than asphalt roof treatment?

A: Cedar roofs cannot be just sprayed like asphalt and left for the rain to wash the roof over time. Cedar roofs have to be treated, cleaned and rinsed the same day, so gutter cleaning is required before we get started. Cedar roofs require several products that have to be mixed together and accurately to be effective to properly treat and clean the roof, safely and with great results. Cedar needs to be rinsed from close range, which means we are up on your roof if possible or if that is not possible because of the pitch or accessibility of the roof or you ask us not to go on the roof, then a boom lift will be required and the extra cost of the lift. With cedar we have to let the solution dwell to do its job before we can rinse the roof. Once the roof is rinsed all that infestation and junk that the solution sucks up out of the wood now gets rinsed off down into the gutters. A final gutter clean is then required, which is included because it’s our mess in your gutters that Prima Soft Wash made. Your first gutter clean that is required before we get started is your mess, therefore that’s your cost.

What do you use to clean my roof, house or commercial property?

We use the only approved solution by the Canadian asphalt shingle manufacturer association. The Shingle manufacturers who created the roofing material understands that only sodium hypochlorite will treat and clean moss and algae and all roof infestation. Therefore it is safe to use on your roof and house. Because Sodium Hypochlorite breaks down into salt, it is bio degradable and safe when used only under the hands of trained professionals in the soft wash industry, and with equipment designed for sodium hypochlorite. The CDC recommends this product as the best product for sanitation! Therefore we use a light base of this and other surfactants that are eco-friendly when washing your roof, house, property and commercial structures.

Resdiscover The Beauty Of Your Property With Prima Soft Wash

Resdiscover The Beauty Of Your Property With Prima Soft Wash

Prima Soft Wash offers a full range of exterior cleaning services to make sure every aspect of your entire property sparkles and shines. Give your home, strata community, or commercial storefront the tender loving care it deserves!

Exceptional Service Made Simple

Exceptional Service Made Simple

Whether you live in a single-family home, manage one of Vancouver's many beautiful strata communities, or own commercial property, there is a common thread: property ownership is hard work. But our job is to make it easier!

Our highly trained and experienced technicians offer a wide variety of services from our unique soft washing to traditional pressure washing and window cleaning. We pride ourselves on making you happy. We guarantee you'll love how flawlessly clean we make everything around your house, or we'll keep coming back until you do.

That’s why every Surface Renew service includes:

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    Top-quality cleaning products and technology:

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    Efficient service and quick turnaround time:

    Great results are our top priority, and we’re proud to get them to you in record time.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Kathleen Jones
Kathleen Jones

Adam & his partner were most efficient in their cleaning of our home, and despite the initial rain, the house turned out beautifully! Thus I would highly recommend Prima Soft Wash...

Alderwood Strata
Alderwood Strata

Our Strata complex has used Prima Soft Wash for the last two years to sweep our roof and then wash all the building flashing and windows. We are very pleased with their service and the excellent work they did.

Lynn M
Lynn M

My home looked like it was scrubbed clean without the hassle of having to most things around, although Adam was so thoughtful in helping move items around my house.

Connie Ens
Connie Ens

They came, did an amazing job and all I have to do is enjoy my clean house and yard. They even pulled out all of the "junk" from the back yard that was on the concrete or blocking the siding, cleaned it AND put it back.

Winnie Cheung
Winnie Cheung

Had my home exterior siding and roof cleaned. They did an excellent job! Having not had the exterior cleaned in over 5 years, the house now looks incredible. Will definitely have them do it again in the future.

Delia Pickle
Delia Pickle

I had Prima Soft Wash come clean my roof and windows for spring. Very happy with the results and a reasonable price. It was a pleasure to deal with Adam and his team, I would definitely recommend them!