How Soft Washing Improves Property Values

Do you manage a strata or own a home in the Metro Vancouver or Metro Toronto area? If so, it’s important to schedule regular soft washing service with trusted professionals. Our experts at Prima Soft Wash will ensure your strata or home look their best.

Of course, you might have some questions about what soft washing is, and why it’s so beneficial. This guide will help you better understand the value regular soft washing offers.

Soft Washing Your Strata or Home in Vancouver and Toronto: What You Need to Know

What is Soft Washing?

Before covering why scheduling this type of service is a good idea, you need to know what soft washing is.

You’ve probably already guessed it’s not the same as pressure washing. As the name implies, the soft washing method doesn’t involve applying high-pressure water. Sometimes an exterior surface isn’t durable enough for that type of cleaning method.

In these instances, soft washing experts apply water gently instead. However, they’re still able to thoroughly clean exterior surfaces because they use eco-friendly detergents designed to remove all major forms of debris and contamination that tend to build up over time. This keeps the surfaces clean without damaging them.

The Importance of Soft Washing Your Home or Strata

Cleaning exterior surfaces on a regular basis is a good idea regardless of what type of property you own. For instance, if you’re a homeowner, scheduling regular soft washing service will help you maintain your home’s curb appeal, making it easier to sell in the long run.

That said, if you manage a strata, scheduling this service with our experts on a regular basis is particularly important for a variety of reasons.

First of all, you likely understand that potential tenants naturally make assumptions about a given strata based on its appearance. You need to ensure yours looks its best in order to make the right impression. You don’t want a low occupancy rate because the first quality someone notices when they visit your strata is its lack of curb appeal.

Additionally, current tenants also want the property to look good. Keeping it clean by scheduling regular exterior cleaning service will have the added effect of keeping them satisfied. This reduces the odds that they’ll consider living elsewhere. It will also reduce the frequency of tenant complaints, making your job much easier.

Hiring experts to soft wash your strata’s exterior surfaces will also benefit you financially by optimizing the lifespan of those surfaces. Quite simply, the types of materials that require soft washing can and will wear down over type, just like any other exterior surface. However, this will happen sooner than it needs to if you don’t take steps to maintain those materials. That means you’ll need to spend money replacing them earlier than expected.

Fortunately, this isn’t something you’ll need to worry about when you schedule our service on a consistent basis.

Finally, you may want to consider your reputation as well. You probably don’t need to be told that the Metro  Vancouver and Metro Toronto areas are beautiful. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to the community to ensure their properties don’t detract from that beauty. Thus, by hiring experts to clean yours often, you’ll be more likely to enjoy a positive reputation throughout the community.

Schedule Exterior Cleaning in Metro Vancouver or Metro Toronto, Today

You’re likely a busy person. You need to be confident anyone you hire to clean your strata or home can be trusted to deliver results. Fortunately, at Prima Soft Wash, offering soft washing service to both strata managers and homeowners throughout the Vancouver & Toronto area, we have the kind of reputation that comes from providing quality service to all our customers. Call us today at (647) 929-7295 for more information!

Resdiscover The Beauty Of Your Property With Prima Soft Wash

Resdiscover The Beauty Of Your Property With Prima Soft Wash

Prima Soft Wash offers a full range of exterior cleaning services to make sure every aspect of your entire property sparkles and shines. Give your home, strata community, or commercial storefront the tender loving care it deserves!

Exceptional Service Made Simple

Exceptional Service Made Simple

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